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These pages of Jesus Traditions are an introduction to scholarly study of Jesus for the general reader. They may be of use either as background information for the study of Paul, the principal subject of this web site; or as a unit of study, independent from Paul.

The reader’s patience is requested in the fact that these Jesus pages are in effect a kind of sub-Web, “piggy-backing” on the principal Web,, and thus that the As Paul Tells It . . . designation at the top of each page is not quite accurate. This Jesus Traditions Home Page is readily accessible by clicking on Contents, to be found at the top and bottom of each succeeding page.





Sources: Literary .. The Two Document Hypothesis .. Authorship of the Synoptic Gospels

Sources: Oral Transmission .. The Period of Oral Transmission .. The Forms the Material Took .. What Happened Along the Transmission Way?

Narratives: The Baptism .. Baptism .. Layers of Interpretation .. A Call to Vocation?

Narratives: In Word and Deed .. “The Kingdom of God Has Come near” .. “Prof. Jesus” .. “Dr. Jesus” .. Jesus in Controversy .. Calling Disciples .. “The Twelve” .. “Even the Wind and the Sea Obey Him” .. A Note on the Fig Tree .. The Birth Narratives .. Birth Narrative Issues

Narratives: Going to His Death .. “He Set His Face to Go to Jerusalem” .. Caesarea Philippi and All That .. Layers of Interpretation .. Mission Unknown? .. Messianic Expectation .. Resurrection Narratives: The Sequel .. Resurrection Narrative Issues  



Sayings: The Parables .. Parables .. Allegories?

The “Sermon” on the “Mount” (Matthew 5–7) .. The Beatitudes as Frontispiece .. A Manual of Discipleship (An Outline)

The Spirituality of the Kingdom (a) .. The Spirituality of the Kingdom .. Commitment .. Singleness of Purpose .. “For they will see God” .. Possessions .. Spirituality and Pious Actions .. Walking the Talk
The Spirituality of the Kingdom (b) .. Spirituality and the Prayer .. Spirituality and Petitionary Prayer  

“Attitude Adjustment” Ethics (a)
.. In the Jewish Bible .. In the “Sermon” on the “Mount” .. The Six Contrasts
“Attitude Adjustment” Ethics (b) .. The Six Contrasts (cont.) 
“Attitude Adjustment” Ethics (c)
.. The Ethical Perspective of Jesus .. Love (agapê) as the Heart of Jesus’ Ethics .. Public Policy Issues

End-of-Time Sayings .. The Apocalyptic Pot a-Boiling .. How Near? .. There Are Some Standing Here .. Like a Thief in the Night .. A Note on Mark’s Little Apocalypse 


Matthew’s Tendencies (1)

Matthew’s Tendencies (2)

Matthew's Tendencies (3)

Matthew’s Tendencies (4)


Index of Notes on Special Topics
in Addenda

The Bible in Christian Ethics .. Unanswered Questions .. Varieties of Biblical Ethics .. An Approach to Moral Decision Making .. On Leaving the Door Open 



Revised May 25, 2004

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