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Welcome to As Paul tells it . . . , a letters based study of what the apostle Paul tells us about his work, his teaching, and himself. A remarkable amount of material about the apostle is available from his letters. Without having to depend upon the Book of Acts, we can learn directly from Paul himself not only what he taught his congregations, but also a great deal about his comings and goings and about problems he faced. From within the framework of these events, his teachings emerge naturally in their appropriate context. Click on Paul’s Résumé for a thumbnail sketch of the apostle.


Don’t miss the show in The Main Tent, wTenthere, in five studies, Paul’s story is told.  In Information Booth, you can browse through topBoothics in Biblical scholarship for the general reader. If you are curious about how the author reached the Quill and book conclusions that are presented in The Main Tent, visit Author’s Workshop.


The Main Tent

Beginnings (1) Resurrection Appearance
Beginnings (2) Beginnings of Mission .. First Jerusalem Visit .. Summary Chart #1

Founding Missions (1) Galatia
Founding Missions (2) Macedonia
Founding Missions (3) Achaia .. Summary Chart #2
Founding Missions (4) 1 Thessalonians

Jerusalem Conference (1) Second Jerusalem Visit .. Issues .. Agreements
Jerusalem Conference (2)
Importance .. Collection .. Antioch Episode

Ephesian Headquarters (1) Introduction
Ephesian Headquarters (2) Corinthian Correspondence .. Previous Letter .. 1 Corinthians
Ephesian Headquarters (3) 1 Corinthians (cont.)
Ephesian Headquarters (4) Galatians
Ephesian Headquarters (5) Prison .. Philippians .. Philemon
Ephesian Headquarters (6) Intermediate Visit to Corinth .. 2 Corinthians 10–13
Ephesian Headquarters (7) Summary Chart #3

Closing Months (1) Macedonia .. 2 Corinthians 1–9
Closing Months (2) 2 Corinthians 1-9 (cont.)
Closing Months (3) Collection .. Third Visit to Corinth .. Romans
Closing Months (4) Romans (cont.) .. Travel Plans .. Third Jerusalem Visit (Proposed) .. The End of the Trail
Closing Months (5) Summary Chart #4


Information Booth

Paul’s Résumé

Perspective .. Historical Perspective .. Theological Perspective .. Sources of Religious Authority .. A Theology of the Inspiration of Holy Scripture

Earliest Believers

The Jewish Background of the New Testament .. The History of Palestine in New Testament Times .. The Language of Palestine .. Judaism in Palestine .. Judaism Outside Palestine

Jesus Traditions .. Sources .. Narratives .. Sayings

The Bible in Christian Ethics

Is THAT in the Bible?



 For direct access to the various pages where Paul theologizes about Christ, otherwise known as  Christology, click here, and go to texts from 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians and Romans.

Authors Workshop

The Pauline Legacy .. The Seven Letters .. Later Paulinists .. 2 Thessalonians .. Colossians and Ephesians .. 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus .. The Collection of the Letters

Acts as a Source (1) .. The “Success” of Acts .. Acts as a Secondary Source .. How the Author of Acts Worked .. Six Reasons for Caution in Using Acts .. Authorship of Acts
Acts as a Source (2) .. Chart of an Acts Chronology
Acts as a Source (3) .. The Convergence of the Letters and Acts .. The Distance Between the Letters and Acts: The Resurrection Appearance .. The Jerusalem Conference
Acts as a Source (4) .. Assessing Other Information in Acts .. Using Acts Where It Cannot Be Checked Against the Letters? .. Summary

Letters Based Chronology (1) .. 
Methodology .. Paul’s Perspective .. Structural Elements .. Micro-sequences .. Toward a Macro-sequence .. Variables .. Chronology without Dates? .. Results
Letters Based Chronology (2)
.. Pre-Conference Founding Missions (Option A) .. Time Intervals for Third Visit .. Critique: Options A and B .. Galatians 1:21
Letters Based Chronology (3)
Chart for Option A
Letters Based Chronology (4)
Chart for Option B


Book pileSpecial Topics
The articles in this section provide documentation in depth for the conclusions reached in The Main Tent and Author’s Workshop. They originally appeared in Proceedings: Eastern Great Lakes and Midwest Biblical Societies (1984-2000).


Paul and Thessalonica (1)

Paul and Thessalonica (2)

Paul and Thessalonica (3)

Paul and Corinth (1)

Paul and Corinth (2)

The X-Letter in 2 Corinthians (a)

The X-Letter in 2 Corinthians (b) 

The X-Letter in 2 Corinthians (c)


Philippians and Ephesus (1)

Philippians and Ephesus (2)

Philippians and Ephesus (3)

Philippians and Ephesus (4)

Paul and Galatia (1)

Paul and Galatia (2)

Paul and Barnabas

Paul and Antioch (1)

Paul and Antioch (2)


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